Time to Hit the Reset Button

pexels-photo-297755.jpegSometimes life hits us with a series of punches that throws us off guard or off center, and we are left wondering what happened. A lot of times for those of us that struggle with mental illness, it can send us into a spiral that can lead to a debilitating depression. For me, I decided not to allow that to happen. I decided to not allow depression to take me, and to do something different.

I decided to hit the reset button.


So, I did a little digging and found a few articles on the subject, from a WikiHow with pictures, to an article on the Elephant Journal. So, I decided to take a bit of what I read in all of them and plot them out in my own words and make it my own journey.

1) Clear my past. I am going to sit down, write out the things that have been holding me back from my past, then take them out to my patio and literally burn each and every piece of paper in a sort of “letting go” ceremony. I want to take that time to let go of those things that have been holding me back from moving forward, and to leave them in the past. I don’t want them to hinder me any longer.

2) Cleanse my now. Since I’m all about personal organization with my Living Simply Sassy Classy blog, I decided I will need to purposefully go through my home and remove the items that hold me back, have no meaning, or clutter my life. It is a chance for me clear not only my home, but my mind and my life.

3) Map out my future. I need to sit down and figure out what is it that I want. What is it that I want to do with my life? Where is it that I want to go? What is it that drives me? I need to sit down and figure these out. And the best way to do this to journal, meditate, and pray.

4) I need to stop trying to control everything. I’ll admit it here and now that I am a control freak. I have a need to have control over every aspect of my life, and it is a hindrance, because when I lose control, it causes me to flail in a way that leaves me in a state of chaos that is hard to regain a sense of control. I need to learn how to let go, and allow God to take the reigns and to release the control of my life.

5) Focus on my health. I’m the first to admit that my health is not the greatest, but it isn’t anywhere near where it was a year ago. In fact, it is night and day where it was last year. But it could still be much better. I’ve already begun the process of taking vitamins and supplements, and seeking help to recover from injuries, but now that I am no longer hindered by those injuries, it is time to focus on losing weight. I know that if I lose this weight that I gained from being limited in movement, I’ll gain so much in my physical health that I’ll gain so much more by leaps and bounds.

So, you see, there are so many things that I need to do in order to hit my reset button. I want to be healthy again. And it isn’t about control either. It is about letting go and allowing things to fall into place in order to get healthy again.

So, here I am. Ready to go.

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